Treatment Rooms to Rent in Clifton

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Warm, Calm & Comfortable Rooms

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Welcome to the Alma Vale Centre in Bristol. We are located on Alma Vale Road, a short walk away from the vibrant and busy Whiteladies Road in Clifton. Since the Alma Vale Centre was founded in 2001, our aim has been to provide a professional, friendly and safe environment in which we support individuals to optimise their health, well-being and potential.

Within the centre we have three beautiful treatment rooms suited to talking therapies, bodyworks and small groups. Our practitioners are supported by our centre manager and receptionist who are on hand during the week to help them and their clients.

Staffed Reception

Staffed reception from 9:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

Telephone cover from 8:30am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday.


Online booking system.

Optional diary support for your bookings.

Appointment text reminders to your clients.

Facility to book additional adhoc hours.


Publicity through our website, social media, in-house and street-side boards, weekly e-newsletters and more.

Marketing training and advice.


Kitchen with free teas and coffees.

Free wifi throughout the building.

Free couch roll.

Treatment rooms suitable for small groups.

Treatment Rooms

Room 1

Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs

Situated on the ground floor, this room is used for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. The room consists of two chairs, a treatment couch, and a wash basin in the corner. The room has a large window with frosted glass and blinds facing the front of the building.


2 chairs, treatment couch, cushion, blanket, couch roll, wash basin


This room is currently unavailable.

Room 2

For Talking and Non-Oil Based Therapists


2 Chairs, treatment couch, cushions, bolster, blanket, couch roll, wash basin.


Monday – Mornings

Tuesday – Morning, Evenings

Wednesday – Afternoon

Thursday – Evening

Friday – Evening


Situated on the ground floor, this room is suitable for both talking therapies and couch based therapies that don’t use oils. It comprises of two chairs, a folding wooden side table, and a treatment couch. The room also benefits from dimmable daylight lighting in the ceiling.

Room 3

Bodyworks & Groupwork


3 chairs, coffee table, folding table, 2 screens, treatment couch, cushions, bolster, blanket, couch roll, CD & MP3 player.


Monday – Morning, Afternoon

Tuesday – Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Wednesday – Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Thursday – Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Friday – Morning, Evening


Situated on the basement floor, our large Bodyworks room is suitable for a range of treatments such as massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy, reflexology and much more.  This is a large space for those that need it. There are also screens available in the room you can use to create a smaller and more intimate environment.

In addition to 1-2-1 treatments, this room is well suited to groups. Equipment can be cleared for classes such as yoga and pilates to make use to the floor space. They centre also has 12 chairs which can be used for circular groupwork or in a lecture style set up.

Room 4

Talking Therapy & Bodywork


3 Chairs, folding table, 1 screen, treatment couch, cushions, bolster, blanket, couch roll, CD and MP3 player.


Monday – Morning, Afternoon

Tuesday – Afternoon, Evening

Wednesday – Morning

Thursday – Unavailable

Friday – Morning, Afternoon, Evening


This is a more intimate yet still spacious room suited to therapies such as counselling, psychotherapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy and massage.  The room is situated on the basement floor overlooking a small courtyard with water fountain.  The room typically comprises of three chairs and a small folding table, although a treatment couch is readily available with a wash basin in the corner behind the screens.

Suited to both 1-2-1 treatments and small seated groups.

Natalie McGrorty

Natalie McGrorty

Massage Therapist

“I really enjoy working at the Alma Vale Centre and can highly recommend it as a place to work. It is an inviting and friendly place for both practitioners and clients, with attractive rooms and a convenient location… I particularly like the fact that there are a number of other practitioners supporting women’s health at the clinic.”

Iren Kun

Iren Kun

Emotional Freedom Techniques Therapist

“I very much liked the overall ambience [of the Alma Vale Centre] and I was impressed by the additional support offered to me whilst setting up my business… I like the idea of collaboration and support between other practitioners. There is a warm, friendly environment that makes it easy to fit in. The office support team always go the extra mile to help and support me.”
Deborah Clarke

Deborah Clarke

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

“I am so pleased I found the Alma Vale Centre. It is a delightful, efficient and supportive space to work from. The decor is perfect for putting practitioners and clients at ease and the reception staff make every effort to support and encourage all who use the centre.”